What is to get concidered in DCC transformation of Fleischmann Locomotives Composition

Change of Fleischmann Locomotives to DCC digital control Precisely what is to be regarded when converting locomotives generally and what characteristics carry out Fleischmann HO motors include for alteration?

Fleischmann train locomotives can be digitally converted in different ways. Here listed are, which locomotives are equipped with which usually motor backside plates, and what is instructed to convert them.

Basic THE LABEL Principals

For controlling of locomotives with DCC digital decoders it really is absolutely necessary, the fact that motor is without electrical connection to the body and power pick-ups of the train locomotive. Fleischmann constructed in its earlier designed locomotives motors, a metal, grounded motor backside plate. Among the bushes, in which the motors carbon dioxide brush sits in, is pressed directly into the metal motor again plate and that creates any connection to the locomotive electric motor housing.

Metal, grounded motor backplate (old design) (504701)

Modern Fleischmann Power generators have electric motor back discs, which can be manufactured insulated by isolating an association (conductive strip or electrical link). Intended for the old, grounded motor back plates, new insulated back again plates can be found. That is, dependant on what the Train locomotive has, being a Motor back again plate, your back plate could be made insulated by separating the conductive strip or electrical hyperlink or it must be exchanged intended for an insulated motor again plate

Types of the motor again plate

These are generally the conventional, grounded motor again plates while using following part numbers: •504701

•504702 (metal or perhaps black)

•504703 (Insulated variation not available)





These kinds of must be constantly replaced with the insulated variation.

There is a method to make these DCC suitable, with a little difficulty (see page 10 on)

Motor back plate that can be made separating by slicing the electric powered link (504720)

Engine back dishes, that can by cutting an electrical link be produced isolated, have part numbers: •504720

•504704 (again)


•504713 (old version with electrical link)

•504713 (new version with isolation)

•504709 (with electrical website link by wire)



By cutting the link or electrical link.

Protected motor again plates take the numbers:







•504715 (again, with isolation)


•504709 (again, without electric powered link)



These are generally used, in case the locomotive comes with a THE BRAND digital user interface and provide also since replacement part for the grounded motor back plates. What, how exchange or change?

The following guide shows, which in turn grounded motor unit back plates can be changed, by motor back dishes, which can be made insulated by isolating any link, and/or which need a suitable, protected back dish Grounded electric motor back platesBack plates, which is often made protected by separating an electrical linkInsulated back discs 504701 (replace) 504750

504702 (replace) (metallic or black)504720 (remove link)504712 504721

504704504704 (again)504714

504706 (replace)504720 (remove link)504710 (with separation) 504721

504707504713 (remove link) (old version with electrical link) 504713 (remove link) (new version with isolation)504715

504715 (again, with separation)

504708 504714

504709 (remove link) (with electrical link coming from wire)504709 (remove link) (new without electrical link) 504716 (remove link)504717

504722 (remove link)504723

List number of the Locomotive and original Electric motor back dish part number In the next table offers Fleischmann's List number of the Locomotive, which motor again (or back) plates had been used., Wherever different motor back discs were utilized, depending on manufacture date is also noted. Back again Plates that could be modified having a bit more difficulty

Fleischmann designed FMZ digital in 1986 and gradually every Locomotives received some form of protected backplate Back plates that are performed with protecting material can be...


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