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Quick Guide you: Urbanization, downtown development and housing plans

Urbanization, Metropolitan Development and Housing Procedures


This is a draft of the Quick Guide on Urbanization, Metropolitan Development and Housing Plans. It was prepared by Mr. Yap Kioe Sheng and Mister. Aman Mehta. The designations employed as well as the presentation from the material from this publication tend not to imply the word of virtually any opinion in any respect on the part of the Secretariat from the United Nations concerning the legal status of any country, place, city, or area or of it is authorities, or concerning the delimitation of it is frontiers and boundaries. The views portrayed in this newsletter are those of the author and do not necessarily indicate the opinions of the Un. This newsletter has been issued without formal editing.

1 ) Introduction

The objective of this Quick Guide should be to enhance the knowledge of policy makers and nationwide and local govt officials regarding low-income real estate within the construction of metropolitan development and urban poverty, and to build their capacity to formulate and implement more efficient urban low-income housing guidelines and programs as part of their efforts to lessen urban low income. The Guide presents developments and magnitudes of urbanization in the Asia-Pacific region and discusses problems such as rural-urban migration, current and upcoming housing requires, the rights-based approach to enclosure and the complications of public-sector housing. You should serve as conceptual framework and background materials for the six other Quick Tutorials: • • • • • • Approaches to low-income housing Terrain for casing Housing fund Tackling evictions Community organization and creation Rental casing

How to use this? The Guide is presented in a basic user-friendly formatting, structured by following areas: conditions, concepts, policies, tools and recommendations. In each one of the sections, concerns are provided followed by key messages in a box file format. It is


Quick Guidebook 1: Urbanization, urban development and housing policies

anticipated that target viewers (national and local government officials) would be able to quickly understand and apply these kinds of messages offered in executing the various tasks. To ensure that you can associate the issues, principles and choices studied, links to very good practices by different countries, particularly in Asia, happen to be presented. The Guide ends with an annotated set of websites which provide additional information within the topics covered by the individual sections. Checklist has been included for users that are interested to know more about the issues.


Quick Guide 1: Urbanization, city development and housing procedures

2 . A great urbanizing globe

The aim of the section is usually to explain the factors that are responsible for the shortage of satisfactory housing for several population teams in urban areas. The section reviews the existing trends of urbanization, rural-urban migration, earlier efforts to contain ruralurban migration and their impact, site between estate and lower income. Urbanization tendencies Asia is usually urbanizing. During the last five decades, Asia provides experienced numerous demographic changes. One of those can be urbanization1, i. e. the amount of urban population relative to the entire population or the rate from which the urban population is definitely increasing. In 1950, a few 232 million people occupied urban areas; this was 16. 6th per cent of Asia's total population. In 2005, the urban human population of Asia counted one particular, 6 billion dollars people or perhaps 39. 9 per cent in the total population. Asia can continue to urbanize. Still, Asia is not just a very urbanized region; only Africa is much less urbanized, with 39. several per cent of its total population living in urban areas in 2005. Since the Oriental region evolves, the level of estate will definitely boost. The Un estimates that the rate of urbanization in Asia to get the period 20052010 will around 2 . 40 per cent per year. As a result, over fifty percent (51. some...


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