The Problem of Evil Essay

Toby R.


Phil three hundred

The Problem of Evil

Probably the most interesting questions in the world can be, " If the God is present, why is right now there evil on the globe? ” Many people respond with, " If perhaps God came up with the universe and us, then simply there must not be evil in the world, ” when asked about God or any different powerful staying. The problem of evil is also believed to be the reason for Atheism, and I do believe that there is a remedy for this. The problem of nasty is not just a correct argument.

The fights from bad state that if there is a Goodness who is omniscient, omnipotent and perfectly good, then there is no evil or enduring in the world. Nasty does can be found, therefore , goodness does not exist. If The almighty existed, he'd not enable evil in to the world (VanPatten, lecture). I learned in church that Christianity says God came up with the world and wants only the best. In the event these says are the case, then wicked should not can be found. The problem of evil is the strongest and longest quarrels against the presence of Goodness for Atheists.

Atheists believe that if right now there really was a great omniscient, omnipotent and good God or higher being, then simply he has the strength to eliminate all evil and wipe that from the whole world. However , Atheists believe that suffering cannot be prevented, therefore , Goodness does not exist to these people. The response to this idea is that the existence of nasty is necessary to get the existence of certain kinds of great (K. Augustine). Augustine offers an example of various character qualities that are beneficial only if nasty exists. One of these traits is self sacrifice. In some articles, self sacrifice is for more suitable good. In the event that there was zero evil on the globe, then this character feature could not can be found. God produced us in a certain approach so we would all contact form a community and appear out for one another. If every single of us had been self-sufficient and there was none in the world as battling, then the increased goods which come from this could have never happened (Augustine). Atheists will not change their philosophy...

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