The 4 idols Article

п»їAlyssa Deleon


Mister. Erickson

Winter 2014

Public Speaking

Objective: Demonstrate class how you can jump start an automobile.


1) Explain how come it's very good to know how to jump start an auto.

2) Inform everybody the safeties showing how to jumpstart a car.

3) Present that is most needed to ramp up a car.

-Another car with jumper cables

or a rechargeable battery power with jumper cables


1 . knowing how to jump start a car is very helpful so you do not get stranded accidently by running out your battery. installment payments on your If you're prepared with your own jumper cables , the burkha easy to find a helpful nice person to lend you a hop (their battery pack in their car). 3) If you have jump wires with you away from home, not only do you want to help yourself but you are usually prepared to help someone else which may need a trigger for their car.

Transition: Clarify what can cause the battery to die.

1) The usual battery drain through leaving the on lumination or not shutting a door totally. 2) Accidently leaving your face lights on.

3) Hearing the radio for some time when your car is turned off. 4) If all these examples have been avoided and you have a dead battery pack, you could have a negative alternator, that is not charging the battery love it should be as you driving.

Transition: Present how to give a huge boost a car with battier packing containers and jump cables. 1) Open equally hoods with the cars.

2) Grab cables, put them on the dead electric battery first, making sure the bad and positive cables no longer touch whatsoever. 3) Then simply proceed to put other end of cables on the other battery in the jumping car. 4) Leave cable on for at least a few minutes or so, and it is helpfully to rev the engine slightly to supply even more amperage and help start the car faster. 5) Then when car starts, continue to remove the cables not much different from the way you put them on continuing t make sure good side plus the negative side usually do not touch nonetheless. 6) Close your cover and most likely good to roll.



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