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Telematics Market

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Telematics is an appearing industry which offers location-based voice and data communication equipment. In other words, telematics provides " smart" info, tailored to wherever customers will be and to what they are doing, featuring enhanced security, navigation, and convenience to mobile buyers and featuring real-time data to auto manufacturers on how many are doing. Telematics can be an up-and-coming market of automotive telecommunications that combines wireless voice-data to provide location-specific security, info, productivity, and in-vehicle entertainment services to drivers and their passengers. Telematics refers to the convergence of wireless systems, global positioning, and onboard auto electronics. The vision with the industry is to enhance new driver and traveling safety, productivity, and secureness through interaction, information, and convenience services. Telematics devices provide conversation between the vehicle and another service provider. It is just a powerful fresh tool in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Whether it's an instance of roadside assistance, guidelines, emergency support, or advice about the nearest ATM, intense brand loyalty is created when a customer can access information right from his car. Telematics may be the combination of telecommunications and calculating, but the most common meaning is usually information solutions delivered with a communications network. Automotive telematics is the wireless exchange or delivery of communication, information and other content material between the car and/or occupants and external sources. Telematics span multiple industries and the meaning has numerous interpretations. Each sector and segment may have different views of what telematics is and expectations of what telematics will do in the foreseeable future. The list below shows many of these perspectives:

• Telematics is a delivery platform intended for customized or location-specific details such as weather reports, news, sports activities, and organization • Telematics is a delivery platform intended for real-time targeted traffic information that can save the driving force time and may lower traffic jam • Telematics is a safety and security system providing you with emergency or perhaps roadside assist with motorists • Telematics is usually an enabler of in- vehicle marketing communications (such while voice, messages, email) using, hands-free procedure, voice service, and text-to-speech technologies. • Telematics is definitely an enabler of remote control diagnostics/prognostics that may spot motor vehicle weaknesses, problem, or increase vehicle dependability and repair • Telematics is a consumer relation administration (CRM) instrument for car manufacturers and their dealers • Telematics can facilitate computerized motor vehicle celebration data recorders that deliver real-time crash information to government agencies, healthcare organizations and public safety agencies • Telematics can bridge and synchronize wearer's information between auto, residence and workplace • Telematics can increase accident response time for general public safety agencies • Telematics will provide info that will lower auto insurance failures from thievery, fraud and crashes • Telematics can be an important part of future smart transportation devices (ITS)

Telematics is a mixture of Information Technology and telecommunications, enabling the supply of on the web information in most areas of open public and private administration. Transport Telematics can be applied to road, rail, air and sea transfer to improve security through the supply of...


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