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One of the postmodern thinkers argues that by simply codifying values within particular rules and codes of behavior, realistic approaches deny the real way to obtain morality, which can be rooted in a " meaningful impulse” towards others.

*since ethical theories seek to find " rules and principles that determine right and wrong”


Postmodern business integrity emphasizes the next:

Holistic way (整體分析):

-morality is a great inner confidence of specific actors

no separation between the private and professional realm範圍 modernist hypotheses of honest behavior lead to abstract and distant perspective of honest and private lives unleash a quite subversive顛覆性的potential to business ethics

Examples rather than principles

-Morality is based on narratives of experience經驗敘事, relies on metaphors隱喻to explain interior convictions and role types of certain benefits

Believe local, action local

-it is realistic should be expected to come up with regional rules relevant to sole issues and situations rather than one principle or guideline for multiple situations.

Preliminary準備工作 character

-seen because more pessimistic than all their modern alternatives

-ethical decisions are controlled by nonrational processes less control and foreseeable -ethical reasoning is a regular learning processstruggle for the solutions which have a better suit


Has brought to the surface quite a variety of several views and normative implications depending on the theoretical approach which was chosen Phase 4


-it rather than tell us what the businesspeople should do

It tell us what they actually do and why

it is important because it not only will help us to know the elements leading to ethical and unethical decisions also to manage and improve the business ethics


-Ethical decisions have concerns with a common sense about proper and wrong Whether a situation should be assigned moral status in the first place? 1 ) the decision may have significant effects upon others -concern about causes harm to and rewards and that is regarding considerations of social very good (con. of other over and above yourself)

2 . the decision is likely to be seen as a choice, in that alternative courses of actions happen to be open -moral decision requires that we have a choice

-the manufacturers recognize that they may have ethical choicesethical dilemma

three or more. Decision is usually perceived as ethically relevant by simply one or more celebrations -regardless of whether the decision-maker sees a decision as having ethical content, if other carry out, decision immediately incurs some degree of ethicality


Stages in ethical decision-making

-these levels are intended to become conceptually distinctive (概念上獨立) -this does not mean the particular one will always move onto the next stage the model differentiates between knowing what the right activity is and also doing something to fix the issue


Explain for what reason certain business decisions acquire made, and why people behave in ethical and unethical techniques in business circumstances


-it can seem quite optimistic sometimes to separate away an individual element and make an attempt to identify its one of a kind role at the same time of honest decision-making -relative simple method to represent a complex process

-ethical decision-making models include largely organized in the US give a nationwide or social bias


-US and Asia the central focus of the company ethics subject tends to be individual actors and their behaviors (individual factors) -A focus on the individual factors is consistent with the American focus on decision within constraints -Europe interest in the design of economic institutions and exactly how they function in a morally desirable method and encourage moral habit of organization actors (situational factors) - a focus in situational factors reflects the more European concern with the constrains themselves


-Individual factors can make clear why some individuals perceive particular actions to get unethical although other do not

Age and Gender

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