Marketing Strategies for a Local Talking to Firm pertaining to Foreign Traders in Vietnam: Empirical Lessons Essay

Chapter 1


Vietnam is changing and producing rapidly. One of the most decisive stage of change in the economy was initiated in 1989. The new economic plans seek to mobilize the potential of every sectors of the economy. The private sector and overseas investment are being actively encouraged. Japanese market becomes attractive pertaining to foreign investors. Recently, there are a lot of foreign shareholders come to Vietnam to check into, explore new market. Up to 1993, you will find 105 international investment projects getting the expense licenses by SCCI (State Committee upon Co-operation and Investment). Total foreign investment finance is 972 millions CHF. (See Appendix 1).

The first place foreign investors come to seek the useful suggestions is Vietnamese Firms Consulting Foreign Investors (VFCFI). To meet the high demand a lot of Vietnamese Consulting Firms have been completely established lately. However , consultancy is a clean field plus the newly-established companies are facing abundant troubles such as insufficient experiences, do not understand market overall economy system, cross-cultural problems, and so forth Among them, marketing is a peculiar but hot issue. " How to set up the marketing strategies? " is actually a really serious issue to every VFCFI.

1 . 1 . Statement in the problem

The number of VFCFI has been improved quickly appropriately to the supply-demand economics regulation. Actually, it is just a promising marketplace for the consulting organizations. Yet, customer satisfaction remains being a complicated trouble. What kind of services ought to be offered in which will specific market? And how to present excellent services to meet the needs of customers? These are current questions facing by every VFCFI. Plainly, an approach to the effective sales strategies is very important for just about any VFCFI.

1 ) 2 . Goals of the Research

In order to boost business activities, especially promoting activities inside the VFCFIs, the followings are definitely the fundamental targets of the examine:

1 . To identify the present advertising activities inside the VFCFIs.

2 . To analyze business environment of consultant businesses in Vietnam.

3. To prepare an approach to the effective sales strategies for a VFCFI.

4. To recommend the effective marketing plans to VFCFIs.

1 . several Scope in the study

In order to mention the really effectual marketing strategies, the external examination will be simplified into two industries just. Tourism and Construction possess selected. Travel is a fast-developing industry in Vietnam. Travel and leisure activities happen to be visible in major urban centers where several large accommodations are being built. Consequently number of vacationers as well as quantity of foreign buyers in travel industry in Vietnam keeps growing fast. Although tourism is usually developing, construction industry has also to be improved. The reason is development providing hotels, roads, entertainment centers, leisure areas, etc . to tourism industry. Moreover, Thai infrastructure is very poor and damaged significantly after the conflict, construction therefore is essential to rebuild and improve physical infrastructure drastically. It means, there are a lot of construction jobs are available in Vietnam need foreign investors to take a position. At present, range of foreign traders in travel and construction is busy a large percentage of total number foreign shareholders in Vietnam. They are the major and potential customers of VFCFIs. Hence, to discover an effective online marketing strategy toward these target customers in building and travel industry is vital to every VFCFI.

Limitation in timing and geography causes immediate interviews had been conducted in consulting companies in Hanoi and Bangkok. Three talking to companies in Hanoi were selected to talk about in the research based on their particular organization structure size (VIETCOCHAMBER-big size, INVESTIP-medium size and B & H-small size). Questionnaires in the marketing activities in the VFCFIs, especially providers...


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