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Online Enrollment System

Database Design and style Document(DDD)


Razvill Driving Schools is a driving school throughout Lipa, Batangas. They employed manual approach in their enrollment system. Consequently they came across unexpected complications like befuddle and sluggish transaction. Their very own system as well involves mistakes and redundancy of data ensuing troubles in organization. Registration is the process of entering and verifying info of pupil to register over a particular college. We will propose an online enrollment program for the business. Online enrollment system is utilized particularly in recording and retrieving present student's information online. Enrollment Product is a good example of your computer generated process. This can minimize the work load and provides accurate information needed of the traveling school. Because of this, itВ will benefit not only trainees but the business as a whole.

The objective of this document is to specify what repository design of the system is. The intended market for this doc is the users, manager and staff. All of us expect that document will describe the database style of our offer system. The safety of the databases design has the encryption of password in the databases and stopping up of records of the enrollee.


The system will certainly record the names and the quantity of total enrollment, also it can record the schedule of each student whom enroll. It'll have a complete record of every enrollee, the classes they will select, the routine of their driving lessons. In the event someone is carried out in their lesson, the admin might find the identity that is finish taking their very own lesson. They will also see the plan finish. In addition, it provides the saving and recovering of data. This covers as well the invoicing system of the corporation in the sense of managing all the accounts from the enrollee by means of the account number of the credit card of the enrollee. Each of the reports is going to automatically go in the repository of the business. The users can modify the system very easily through the use of the database. It really is good in creating semestral and monthly studies to be directed at the head organization. 3. ASSUMPTIONS/CONSTRAINTS/RISKS

3. 1 . Assumptions

Listed here are the assumptions software and hardware requirements: Hardware requirements

* MEMORY: Recommended 1G

* Hard Disk: Minimum of 320G

Software Requirements

* Operating System – Qualified Distribution of WINDOWS 7

*Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. five (PHP)

2. Database – Microsoft SQL Server 2005

In our databases design it will have a security of records from the enrollee. The design has an effectiveness of locating, viewing and updating of records. three or more. 2 . Limitations

The restriction in our proposed system is the fact that database is only viewable by the admin which is the director. No alterations can be manufactured in it until the system verifies the use sign in and pass word. Only the admin can bring up to date and view the records. The database is updated each and every time there is a new enrollee and so the schedule moments of each enrollee will be up to date once they experienced their lessons. The proposed system includes two sources so in the event of error in the database, there exists a backup. To compliment the information while the first database is usually saving information the second data source is also saving the records at the same time. In case there is the problem in 1st, the second repository can be used. several. 3. Dangers

These are the next risk in database style: There is just one admin inside our database which is the manager. For electrical power interruption, back-up of databases will be not a heavy problem because it is going to automatically conserve. The repository must be monitored properly in order to avoid the system failing.

4. Design and style Decisions

The proponents examine the security, reliability, efficiency of the database style. The advocates will be employing MySQL Storage space, which is a free of charge and robust database management program, to manage our database. In addition , PHP will be used as the programming terminology in Clayish Dreamweaver CS5. 5 plus the system will be running below Certified Division of...


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