Essay about New Product Start Marketing Strategy

New Product Release Marketing Plan, Part 3

Kirkland Browne, Johanna Gutierrez, Philippe Biboum,

Dana Cannon, Tameika Mclean, Kevin G. Mobley


August 18th, 2014

Dr . Catherine Burr

New Product Release Marketing Prepare, Part 3

Executive Brief summary

Our company is Audi AG. Audi is based in Philippines and is an auxilliary brand of Volkswagen since 1966. Founded in 1909 simply by automotive leader August Horch, Audi specializes in high end and luxurious automobiles (" Audi Membership North America Northeast ",  2014). Audi's autos collection is usually comprised of sedan, SUVs, transformable, coupe, diesel powered and mixed-style models. Audi is one of the three biggest luxury automobiles companies in the world. Our prepare is to kick off our hottest headlights technology along with thousands of new cars over the world. The automobile marketplace is driven by technology and Audi intent to be the premium company (" Audi Ag",  2014). We intent to do so, simply by delighting our customers throughout the world (" Audi Ag",  2014). Safety is a number one decision motivator the moment purchasing a car regardless of where you live and Audi wants to make profit on that. To anticipate our customer's buying urges, we can rely on social, cultural and private factors (Kotler & Keller,  2012). Now is the perfect best time to launch this sort of a product since people drive more and more thanks in part to recent aircraft crashes and disappearance. By looking into making night rides safer, Audi intent to gain an edge against its competitors and maximize annual product sales. Germany as well as the USA will be our introducing platform. All of us intend to improve our product sales by assembling a strong advertising campaign. We will be making use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of us will also advertise via tv, radio, billboard, etc . Each of our advertising team is composed of Me Philippe Biboum, Kevin Mobley, Kirkland Browne, Dana Cannon, Tameika Mclean and Johanna Gutierrez. Our company is highly qualified and that we have combined over 20 years of knowledge in this field. Here are the components of our program. Executive summary

Situational analysis

Market growth potential and competitive research

Segmentation, target audience, and placing

Pricing and distribution strategies

Marketing conversation plan

Monetary information(including forecasting demand, break-even, sales, promotional budget, and marketing expense) Intended marketing objectives to get Y1, Y2, and Y3�

Evaluation and control metrics and strategy to assess performance A contingency planning

Situational Analysis

The " Audi of America News Channel"  (2014) web page stated that in September 2014, Audi increased it is sales simply by 11. 9%. This represents the 43rd consecutive record sales to get our company. The release of our fresh headlights technology will increase sales even more. Australia and America will be our test release and we are confident it can easily be a success. Our focus on markets will be rich women and men as well as families. Our product will be sold to every individual who is able to obtain and maintain extra car. We have a wide collection of cars to will match everyone lifestyle. In terms of population analysis, our product aims at people between the associated with 25 and 60 who have a lot of money. We recently have been completely making less expensive car to capture the consumers less than quarter of a century of age. Audi is aware of the simple fact that gender, family status and age group influence car buying, that is why we developed certain designs fit youthful generation just like the A6, SUVs and sedan for people and sports coupe for solitary people. Geographically speaking, Audi knows that car buying fluctuate according to the site. Our merchandise will be attractive to individuals who stay in the borders of big cities, or deep in the country since they often have to drive in roads that are not well lighted. Social class, personalities and lifestyles separate the market into psychographic segmentations. Audi's vehicles are aimed at upper cultural classes. We target person that like a elegant lifestyle and wish to show their wealth because we know they will afford the...

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