Mm255 Organization Math Unit 1 Dissertation

Component I:

1 ) Collect statistics in…

Baking pan sizes (Thin Crust)

Rosati's PizzaLou Malnati's Pizzeria

10” (Small)9” (Small)

12” (Medium)12” (Medium)

14” (Large)14” (Large)





Rosati's PizzaLou Malnati's Pizzeria

10” Dairy products Only=$8. 009” Cheese Only=$5. 70

12” Cheese Only=$9. 2512” Mozzarella cheese Only=$9. 75

14” Parmesan cheese Only=$11. 7514” Cheese Only=$12. 65

16” Cheese Only=$14. 509” Extra Ingredients=$0. 40 18” Dairy products Only=$16. 5012” Additional Ingredients=$1. 35

20” Cheese Only=$20. 5014” Additional Ingredients=$1. seventy five

10” Extra Ingredients=$0. 85

12” Further Ingredients=$1. 00

14” Added Ingredients=$1. 55

16” Extra Ingredients=$1. 75

18” Extra Ingredients=$2. 00

20” Further Ingredients $2. 50

Topping options

Rosati's PizzaLou Malnati's Pizzeria






Green PeppersGreen Peppers

Black OlivesBlack Olives

Sliced TomatoesSliced Tomatoes

Extra CheeseExtra Dairy products


JalapeñosHot Giardiniera


Sun Dried out TomatoesExtra tomato sauce

Sautéed SpinachFresh Kale


Grilled Chicken

Surface Beef

Italian language Beef

Canadian Bacon

Green Olives


Feta Cheese





To begin your research, answer the following questions:

installment payments on your Compare cost per sq . inch of pizza for every single pan size offered by a restaurant. Formula= Cost/Square Ins Rosati's PizzaLou Malnati's Pizzeria

10” (Small) Cheese Only=$8. 00/78. 60 9” (Small) Cheese Only=$5. 70/63. 49 $0. 10 per sq inch$0. 2009 per sq inch

12” (Medium)Cheese Only=$9. 25/113. apr 12” (Medium)Cheese Only=$9. 70/113. 04 $0. 08 per square inch$0. 08 per square inch

14” (Large) Cheese Only=$11. 75/153. 8614” (Large) Mozzarella cheese Only=$12. 65/153. 86 $0. 08 per square inch$0. 08 per square inches

16” Dairy products Only=$14. 50/200. 96

$0. 07 per sq inch



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