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Table of Items

1 . Summary

a. Information about the Copper inside the Philippines

b. Trade Data

c. Point out Competitors

2 . Consumer tastes

3. Transact policy as well as derivatives items in the Korea

4. Promoting Distribution Channels

5. Research

a. Durability;

b. Weak point;

c. Opportunities;

d. Barriers;

6. Suggestions;

7. Institutions/Agencies to be contacted in case of challenge

8. List of Importers


a. Product Information

Copper mineral, also known as Cu, is one of the oldest elements. It really is reddish having a bright steel lustre shaded solid. Copper occurs normally in the Earth's crust in a number of forms. It can be found in sulphide deposits, carbonate deposits, in silicate debris and as pure " Native” copper. By these, water piping is acquired by smelting, leaching, and electrolysis. 80% of copper cathodes results are processed from the sulphide concentrate, although copper articles is only 2-3%. It is well known as the red steel because of its coloring, and evenly well acknowledged as a green metal. Green because birdwatcher is tough, easily re-melted or re-refined, and financial to reuse. Its availability comes in pubs, beads, linens, wire, fishing rods, plates and powder.

Real estate & Uses

Being a metal, it includes many exclusive and beneficial properties in the world today. Copper's chemical, physical and aesthetic properties set a material of preference in a wide range of domestic, professional and excessive technology applications. The reason water piping is so traditionally used is because it can flexible and manageable. Birdwatcher is second to metallic in its conductivity of electricity and warmth. Copper is usually ductile, anti-corrosive, malleable and an excellent conductor of warmth and electric power. Along with being a stunning metal, water piping is a very sturdy one. Because of this , that it is utilized for coins, eating utensils, and decorative objects. Alloyed with other metals, such as zinc (to contact form brass), aluminium or container (to form bronzes), or perhaps nickel, for example , it can get new features for use in very specialized applications. In fact , society's infrastructure relies, in part, on copper.

One of its primary industrial uses is for the production of cable connection, wire and electrical items for both the electric powered and building industries. The development industry likewise accounts for copper's second most significant usage in such areas as plumbing for plumbing related, heating and ventilating and also building line and piece metal facings.

Birdwatcher wire is used in electric power generation, electricity transmission, electrical power distribution, telecoms, electronics circuitry, and countless types of electrical gear. Electrical wiring is the most important industry for the copper sector. This includes building wire, marketing and sales communications cable, power distribution wire, appliance wire, automotive cable and cable connection, and magnetic wire. Roughly half of every copper extracted is used to manufacture electrical wire and cable conductors. Many electric powered devices rely on copper wiring because of its multitude of inherent beneficial properties, such as the high power conductivity, tensile strength, ductility, slip (deformation) amount of resistance, corrosion amount of resistance, low thermal expansion, excessive thermal conductivity, solderability, and ease of installation. Copper mineral wire rod is used because feedstock pertaining to copper wire connections. Copper cable rod generally has a diameter of 8 mm in rolls.

This Market Quick focused on Sophisticated Copper Cable, which material containing in least 99. 85% by weight of copper; or at least 97. five per cent by excess weight of water piping, provided that the information by excess weight of any other element does not exceed the limit specific in the next table:

STAND 1 – Other Factors

|Elements |Limiting content % by pounds | |Ag...


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