Ma Phsyological Syallbus Essay

GUJARAT UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MINDSET Semester- III- In force coming from June 2011 HISTORY OF MINDSET -1 ( PSY 501 ) Objectives: (i) To familiarizing with concepts of the past of Mindset

( we i ) To Enhance the information and the understanding of the students relating to development of Psychology Unit- My spouse and i - 1 ) Introduction

I actually

( a ) System in Mindset: Meaning and types ( b ) Evaluation of systems of Psychology ( c) Some fundamental issues in Psychology


Psychology in India during Ancient satisfaction ( a ) Titcherner's structural Psychology ( b ) Criticisms of structuralism


Functionalism ( a ) Functionalism as a system ( w ) Criticisms of Functionalism ( c ) Difference between structuralism and Functionalism

Unit- II - Modern Associationism ( a ) Ivan Ptrovich Pavlov ( b ) Edward Lee Thorndike: The Psychology of connectionism Unit- III - Behaviorism


Watsonian Behaviorism as a program ( a ) Second features of Watsonian Behaviorism ( b ) Criticisms of Watson's Behaviorism


Later on Behaviorism ( a ) Distinction among early behaviorism and later behaviorism ( m ) Edvin R. Guthrie ( c ) Clark simon L. Hull ( d ) B. F. Skinner ( at the ) Electronic. C. Tolman

Unit -- IV - Gestalt Mindset


Foundation of Gestalt Mindset

(i) (ii) II

Max Wartheimer Wolf gand Kohler

( i i my spouse and i ) Kurt Kofka

Fundamental Experimental contribution of Gestalt psychology

(i) III


( i i ) Learning

Criticisms of Aussehen Psychology

4 Field Theory (i)

Standard Books: ( 1 ) Arunkumar Sinh and Ashishkumar Sinh ( 2009 ) History and system of Psychology. Delhi Motilal Banarashidas Rcfcrencc Ebooks: i. 2. iii. 4. Wolman, W. B. 1995, Contempory Ideas and Program in Psychology New Delhi Freedman publication. Brennan, t. 4 2004 History and System of Psychology sixth Edition Delhi person Education Marx, Meters. H. 1964 Theory in Contemporary Psychology New York Tivari and Rani 2001 Background System of Mindset, Hindi Granth Academy M. P. Bhopal ( In Hindi ) Kurt Lewin's Field Theory

( i actually i ) Lewin 's Contribution

GUJARAT UNIVERSITY SECTION OF PSYCHOLOGY Semester- III PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS - PORTION I (PSY502) Objectives: Is designed and Goals of teaching this kind of paper is usually to enhance the understanding and knowledge of the students about the recent improvements in the field of Internal Testing, which is a fast growing and developing area internationally. The students whom learn this kind of paper will be well equipped in the numerous areas of emotional testing which will be helpful to them professionally. DEVICE -1


• • • •

Nature and use of psychological tests - Definition of a test - Types of tests -- Uses of testing - Who may obtain assessments Standardized types of procedures in test administration - Procedures of test operations - Influence of reviewer, evaluator - Background motivation of examinee The Origins of psychological testing UNIT 2 Norms & Test Standardization - Important Statistical principles - Natural Score Change - Picking out a norm group Reliability -- Correlation agent as a dependability coefficient - Reliability since temporal stability - Stability as interior consistency - Reliability plus the standard problem of measurement Validity -- Definition -- Content quality - Requirements related validity - Develop validity -- Approaches to build validity Test out development or perhaps test building - Identifying the test -- Selecting a climbing method -- Representative your own methods - Constructing the products - Assessment the items -- Revising the test Publishing test



UNIT -- III Dimension of Intelligence Definitions of intelligence Specific Tests

• • •

The Wechsler Intelligence Weighing scales - Beginnings - Standard features -- WAIS -- III, WISC - 4, WPPSI - III Early on Binet weighing machines (1905, 1908) - Terman's Stanford - Binet Brains scale (1916, 1937, 1960) - The Modern Binet Level (1986, 2003) Kaufman Brief Intelligence Check (K- BIT) Group Assessment

• Intellect - Beginnings - Difference- Advantages & disadvantages...

References:: • Hecker, J. & Thorpe, G. (2005 ), Introduction to Medical Psychology Research, Practice and Ethics, New Delhi; Pearson Education Inc.

Project function (PSY12PT) General Guideline for project job: 1 . Place and topic to be selected in assessment with the Head and concerned teachers. 2 . Task work needs to be based on main date collection. 3. Job work needs to have analysis of data along with other regular inputs. some. Project record should not be less 50 entered pages 5. The analysis of task work: 31 Marks intended for internal 75 Marks External ( 55 Report and 20 Viva-voice )


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