Lipid Check Essay


1 . Listed here are essential amino acids:

a) Linoleic acid and Palmitic acidity

b) Palmitic acid and Archidonic acidity

c) Linolenic chemical p and Linoleic acid

d) Stearic chemical p and Linolenic acid e) Linoleic acidity and Arachidonic acid

installment payments on your Arachidonic Chemical p:

a) Is a branched fatty acid

b) Contains a few double a genuine

c) Is actually a precursor for eicosanoids

d) Contains your five double provides

e) Is actually a 20-carbon condensed fatty acid

3. A membrane phospholipids which contains glycerol can be:

a) Phosphatidyl Choline

b) Sphingomyelin

c) Cerebroside d) Ganglioside

e) Ceramide

4. Lipids are very important in the body of a human because they act as: a) Enzymes

b) Immune elements

c) Lubricants

d) Stored genetic information

e) Energy source

a few. The following compound is a simple lipid

a) Methionine

b) Lecithin

c) Bad cholesterol

d) Triacylglycerol

e) Amylopectin

6. Fatty acids:

a) Are always dicarboxylic

b) Are only composed of an even number of C atoms c) Are from the hydrolysis of triacylglycerol d) Is made up of glycerol

e) Would be the only pieces of cell membrane layer lipids

several. The following are saturated fatty acids:

a) Linoleic acid solution and archidic acid

b) Palmitic acid and stearic acid

c) Linolenic acid and myristic chemical p

d) Stearic acid and linolenic acid solution

e) Oleic acid and lauric acid

8. Arachidonic acid can be:

a) Exactly like arachidic chemical p

b) Essential fatty acid

c) The precursor of prostaglandins d) Not present in membrane lipids

e) Can be described as 22-carbon mixture

9. Membrane phospholipids that contain glycerol contain:

a) Lecithin and cardiolipin

b) Sphingomyelin and lecithin

c) Cerebroside and Phosphatidyl serine

d) Cardiolipin and gangliosides

e) Ceramide and phosphatidyl inosital

12. Lipids are crucial in the human body because that they act as: a) Enzymes and hormones

b) Hormones and energy source

c) Coenzyme and enzymes

d) Stored genetic information

e) Energy source and lubricants

eleven. The following are extracted lipids:

a) Vitamin D and methionine

b) Lecithin and bad cholesterol

c) Cholesterol and palmitic acid solution

d) Dolicol and coenzyme Q

e) Amylopectin and prostaglandins

doze. Structural fats include:

a) Gangliosides and aminoglycosides

b) Cerebrosides and hypercholesteria

c) Phenylaline and phosphatidylserine

d) Phosphatidylserine and glucosamine

e) Glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans

13. Fats are kept in mammalian damaged tissues:

a) Starch

b) Triacylglycerol

c) Cholesterol

d) Estrogen

e) Fatty acids

14. In mammals, bad cholesterol is:

a) A normal membrane layer constituent

b) Converted to cholic acid by simply intestinal bacterias c) Crucial source of energy

d) Parent molecule for sphingolipids e) Produced in the hard working liver mitochondria

15. In digestive function and compression of fats:

a) Bile pigments are important natural detergents b) Hormone-sensitive lipase is secreted by the pancreas c) nonspecific lipid esterase is the main digestive enzyme d) Bile salts are...


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