Learning and Reflection -reasonable Analysis Dissertation

Free elective- session some

-2000 term reflective account- not about reflection really to take among the reflective types and weave it through the essay

What is reflection?

-look at the disadvantages and see how we can change these people

-identify issues and try to improve them

-" reflection…. Means looking back on an knowledge and making sense than it to identify what to do in the future. It assists you duplicate what worked and learn via mistakes. ” -why didn't it go well and might you do to change it

-how we learnt and how we move on

-how you may have got prejudices and bias you had before you went there. -when making the comparisons involving the same universities you see similarities and differences and find out what you have got learnt from -bring inside the literature and

-a thinking and learning process- reflection enables you to stop and think -allows you to use your past to develop the future

-relates to self improvement and also specialist development- whom said that they, why did they say might why performed I take it -reflection is through writing

-being clear at what specially practice is- bullet points of what you be prepared to see -analyse why you felt a single way/why you were amazed by that -go having a very clear concept of what you are considering and the things you were pondering or sense as those activities happened -reflection is about alter

-not nearly when everything is going negative but when they go well and transferring these people into a different area to spread out something else up -it's not just a description of what you noticed and read. It has to go into theory and evolve in to personal expertise -analytical piece of work and not just anecdotal

-taking personal ownership of your learning

-reflect- analyse- maneuver forward- keep reflecting about what you're seeing/doing and exactly how you can move ahead -reflection enables you to make more informed decisions

-enables you to solve challenges

-develop self-awareness and better clarity about who you are want to achieve-makes you more self-aware -view...


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