Impact of Print Press on Contemporary society Essay



DANIEL AARON WHEELER A. A. Alabama Christian College 1979 B. A. Western The state of illinois University 1989 M. A. University of Alabama 1994

A dissertation submitted in partial happiness of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Education inside the Department of Educational Research in the College or university of Education at the School of Central Florida Orlando, Fl

Spring Term 2009

Major Professors: Cynthia J. Hutchinson, E. Lea Witta

В©2009 Daniel Aaron Wheeler



The objective of this examine is to test the effectiveness of the Dove Evolution film being a one-shot press literacy treatment to change sociocultural attitudes toward appearance. 4 speech classes at the University or college of Central Florida were used in a Solomon fourgroup design. Group 1 received a posttest; Group a couple of received a pretest and a posttest; Group a few received the treatment and posttest; and Group 4 received the pretest, treatment and posttest. The therapy consisted of the Dove Progression film, a viral online video introduced 5 years ago by Dove as part of its Campaign pertaining to Real Magnificence. The film has received 19 million views on the Internet in 2 . your five years. A modified variation of the Sociocultural Attitudes Toward Appearance Questionnaire (SATAQ-3) was administered as a pretest and posttest, computing four parameters such as recognition and internalization of the mass media ideal, pressure to achieve the press ideal, and desire to be athletic. It was hypothesized that the treatment would raise awareness yet lower internalization, pressure and desire to be athletic. Although non-e of the ideas were backed, there were statistically significant improvements. Contrary to expectations, the recognition measure lowered and the pressure score elevated. The results and implications are mentioned.


This kind of effort is definitely dedicated to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 12: 31).



I actually am grateful for my own committee people: Dr . Cynthia Hutchinson, for her excellent instruction as my personal major teacher through the petulante program; Doctor David Boote, for his thorough, considerate and well-timed feedback over the course of the program; Dr . Eleanor Witta for her tolerance in dealing with the statistically questioned, and Doctor Rufus Barfield, a specialist and buddy in Christ, who virtually took me by hand and prayed with me at night and the wives within my church workplace when I really needed that. I am grateful intended for my instructors: Drs. Kay Allen, Edmund Short, Robert Lange, David Boote, Lewis Holt, Lea Witta, Steven Collins, Dorrie Conley, Albert Pryor, Harry Brown, Cynthia Hutchison, Stephen Sivo, David Kenney and George Pawlas. The information and insight I gained through their courses I will usually appreciate and definitely will put to very good use. We am indebted to my personal cohort users for their support as we worked well together: Cory Knowles, Debra Campeau, Darlene DePalma, Edie Gaythwaite, Won-yoo Kim, Marty Norris, Keith Riley, Jill Fjelstul, Patty McNeese, Stephanie Hull, Zhaodan Huang, and Jackie Davis who kept urging ―You can perform it‖ during the period of the last year. Many other classmates in the process made this trip more fun. We am indebted to Mrs. Karisa Workman, speech trainer, who graciously allowed myself access to her communication classes for my personal dissertation research. She made that part easy. We am delinquent to the elders of the Rapport Street House of worship of Christ: Brothers Churck Lipford, Bob Cawthon, Jerry Dickinson, Ulysses Campbell, Jerry Liddick and Anthony Buenos aires. Without their blessing and the generous sabbatical from preaching duties to allow me in order to complete and protect my texte, I could not have finished.


I am indebted for the members from the Concord Street Church of Christ, who prayed for me as deadlines approached, celebrated with me inside my successes, and gleefully phoning me ―Dr. Dan‖ following my security. I was indebted to my special family for their love, support and reassurance; my kid Nathan,...

Recommendations: evidenced by growth of workout and health magazines and also advertizing marketing an ideal physique (Thompson, 2004).


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