Are Social Media Replacing Traditional Media With regards to Brand Collateral Creation Composition

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Are social media replacing classic media with regards to brand fairness creation? Manfred Bruhn Verena Schoenmueller Daniela B. Schäfer

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Manfred Bruhn Verena Schoenmueller Daniela B. Schäfer, (2012), " Happen to be social media upgrading traditional multimedia in terms of brand equity creation? ", Supervision Research Review, Vol. thirty five Iss being unfaithful pp. 770 - 790 Permanent url to this file:

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35, being unfaithful

Are social media replacing

traditional media when it comes to

brand equity creation?


Manfred Bruhn, Verena Schoenmueller and Daniela B. SchaВЁfer Department of promoting and Managing, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relative influence of brand connection on manufacturer equity through social media as compared to traditional mass media. In a rapport of different industrial sectors it aims at: investigating whether both interaction instruments have an effect on consumer-based brand equity; comparing the effect sizes of those two communication instruments; and separating the consequences of firm-created and user-generated social websites communication. Design/methodology/approach – An overall total of 393 data pieces from three different sectors, namely travel and leisure, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals, were generated utilizing a standardized online-survey. Structural equation modeling utilized in the analysis of the info obtained to check into the interaction of social websites and classic media in general, as well as in a great examination of...

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