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Merlin Gerin

The complete guidebook

to transformer remanufacture and

packaged substations


Merlin Gerin transformers

An introduction to the full range of Marteau Gerin

transformer repair and bundle substations.



Supplying ease of selection and total flexibility.

Floor mounted transformer repair

Offering you to choose:

в– Free breathing transformer repair



в– Totally free breathing conservator transformers

в– Hermetically sealed transformers

When transformers become substations

The product range includes:

в– Metalclad Syndication Substations (MDS)

в– In-line package substations

в– Unit substations

в– Padmount substations

в– One-stop engineered package deal substations

в– Fast-Trans transformer remanufacture and substations

(see web page 14)

internet pages

8 - 13

Fast-Trans transformers and substations

Assured fast delivery service

A rapid transformer and substation delivery service.

Fast Trans satisfies the demand for transformers and


13 - 12-15

substation to become on internet site in the shortest possible time.

Trihal cast botanical transformers.

When safety in the house is very important

Available in rankings from 160kVA to 10MVA with

voltages up to 36kV.


of sixteen - seventeen

Merlin Gerin transformers

quick reference guideline

Summary in the product range, type and alternatives



18 -- 19


Merlin Gerin transformers

An entire range providing you with

ease of collection and total flexibility

When you require a transformer or

deal substation, choose us initially.

Need the ease of a

finish factory-built substation?

Did you know that Marteau Gerin Transformer remanufacture

manufactures a huge range of MV/LV

transformers and distribution substations?

Our Metalclad Distribution Substation

(MDS) is a fully built in, fully set up

substation bundle that's willing to install.

Simply mount on a plinth, cable television up as well as the

job's performed. Save several weeks of municipal engineering

work and slice your total installation costs


Or that these are available in a multitude of

configuration settings and numerous options in order to meet

virtually any application's demands?

Whether a contractor, specifier, -panel

builder, consultant or user, simplify your

purchasing procedure by making Merlin Gerin

Transformer repair your initial point of enquiry.

The probabilities are that you just won't need to spend

time searching any further.

Our market research has demonstrated us that

although each of our individual varies of transformer remanufacture

and substations are well well-known, few people

happen to be fully aware of the total scope of our offer.

This leaflet puts the entire picture together.

See webpage 9 for more information.

Need a selection of fluid packed

transformers pertaining to various


Our array of transformers could be provided in

many different styles and types, suitable for

different applications. Options can be built

from free deep breathing or hermetically sealed;

nutrient oil stuffed or high fire point fluids; a

variety of volts ratios; alternatives on

end of contract arrangements; scores up to

50MVA and beyond - the decision is yours.

When you require convenience, overall flexibility, fast

delivery and protection, then look no further than

Merlin Gerin

Need a compact substation

to get a rural unit installation?

Need a liquid filled transformer

for extra open fire safety?

Lower rated transformer repair and substations are

becoming more of a requirement for rural

applications, whether it be for the developing

telecommunications market, or to get housing

advancements and growing stations. Tackle

these marketplaces with our Padmounted series of

products. Compact, economical and

available today.

No problem. Furthermore to our vitamin oil filled

transformers, each of our extensive array of

transformers could be chosen with either Midel

or Silicone high fire point liquid fillings to satisfy

the most requiring fire risk requirements.

See page 12 for more details.

Desire a fast delivery service that

reduces lead times by weeks?

Fast-Trans is the answer. We have created a

special fast delivery assistance for each of our most...


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