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The Essence of Understanding the Hazards of Purchasing Stocks

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ALCANTARA, Patricia Bea U.

CRUZ, Marisse Clarichelle Yra U.





Faculty, CAS

San Berbeda College, Mendiola


Background of the Study

Buying common shares can be when compared with gambling. Make the capital within a stock that becomes financially troubled will lose the investment or invest in a inventory price, which usually increases with a hundred percent in a one-year period. Over a long time, investments in a diversified portfolio of common stocks possess earned great returns, while long-term venture results in unfavorable returns. This study aims to provide an being aware of what the risks of investing in common stocks will be and the actual ways to reduce it helps in managing opportunities to earn positive earnings. In essence, the objectives, personal characteristics, and time frame format the level of risk an investor can absorb, which in turn determines the choice of investments to make.

Statement of the Problem

Prevention of hazards is difficult without having familiarity with possible dangers in expense. Understanding the types of expenditure risk and what to do about it is the best way to deal with the issue.

Risk is defined as the variability of returns via an investment. It is the uncertainty associated with the outcome of your investment, and everything investments happen to be subject to risk of one type or another. The greater variability inside the price, the higher is the degree of risk. Comprehending the risks connected with different securities is critical to building good portfolio. Risk is probably what deters a large number of investors by investing in stocks and options and requires them to maintain your money in apparent safe bank details, CDs, and bonds. Earnings from these kinds of passive savings vehicles often have lagged the interest rate of inflation. Although investors will not drop the capital, it will have risk loss in earning owing to pumpiing and...


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