Case Study of Negligence Dissertation

Duty of care


Truly does defendant (David or the Bright Smiles Teeth Surgery) owned duty of care to plaintiff (Tony)?


* The neighbour rule: In Donoghue v Stevenson1, Lord Atkin concluded that most of us owe an obligation of treatment to our " neighbors”, meaning those folks who we should have in mind when we are contemplating activities that we have as we go about our business and private lives. * Neighbor Defined: " My neighbors are individuals who are really closely and directly impacted by my work that I ought reasonably to acquire them in contemplation to be so damaged when directing my mind to the acts or omissions that happen to be called in question”. * Foreseeability: Pertaining to an action in negligence to have success, it must be not far off that the act (or omission) of the defendant could cause trouble for the plaintiff. The test is one of " reasonable foreseeability”, which is an " objective”. * Closeness: There must be a lot of relationship involving the parties pertaining to the duty to exist. Put simply, proximity that will require care to be taken must can be found.


Since Tony was having the surgical treatment in the Dazzling Smiles Dental Surgery, therefore , whatever will happen based on the surgery, it should be the duty of care of the Bright Happiness Dental Medical procedures. Be more certain, David is employed there as being a full-time dental practitioner and he was the one who also attached the artificial teeth by solid dental stuff instead of the method which recommended by leading dentists. In the event that David would not change the technique of attach your teeth, Tony would not get a serious infection brought on by the method of fitting of the artificial pearly whites.


Applying the neighbour principle and fair foreseeability, David or the Shiny Smiles Teeth Surgery do owed the work of care of Tony. And it is foreseeable that the act in the defendant, which can be David or the Bright Happiness Dental Surgery, could cause problems for the individual, which is Tony.

Breaching that duty of care


Does the defendant (David or the Bright Smiles Dental Surgery) infringement his obligation of proper care?


* Affordable person-Standard of care: the normal person might have foreseen injury in the conditions and may have taken procedure for prevent that. The defendant will be in breach of their duty if perhaps reasonable actions are not delivered to prevent foreseeable harm. Quality is an objective one –what a reasonable person thinks. 5. Weighting test out:

1 ) The likelihood of injury: If the likelihood of injury is minimal, it will have no break of the responsibility of attention. 2 . The law of gravity of personal injury if developing: The seriousness of any resulting harm 3. Methods needed to eliminate the risk: Things required to get rid of the risk four. Benefit (social utility) of the defendant's execute: The interpersonal utility in the defendant's perform must be acessed against the gravity of the risk.


Since David's perform is measured against the sensible person who should certainly told Tony adamowicz there was a risk to work with the teeth glue. It is possible that David get hurt from the oral glue plus the surgery. The gravity of injury is pretty serious while his teeth droped out of the fresh desk although he was in the news presenting evening time news. Following he got home his complete mouth was aching and he lamented of extreme pain in the gap left by extraction. For things to eliminate raise the risk, David should certainly foresee the harm which in turn caused by the dental stuff and the likely consequence might cause. Last but not least, there is absolutely no benefit (social utility) in the defendant's conduct. In fact , David could copy Tony to his various other workmate if he is unfamiliar with the way which usually suggested by leading dental practitioner. However , David chose to get it done by using the strong glue which in turn causes all the harm.


Hence, David do breach the duty of proper care of Tony when he was the reasonable person who ought to foresee the damage and it is simple to eliminate the damage.



Was Plaintiff (Tony)'s damage the direct...


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