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O LEVEL Business Studies – Plan of work

Study course overview

The goal of this Structure of Work is usually to set out a progression through the Syllabus content, and to offer ideas for activities, together with referrals to relevant Internet sites.


The Structure is none intended to be prescriptive, nor full, as neighborhood conditions will change: time and useful resource availabilities probably differ noticeably. More, the Scheme is supposed to give ideas to teachers where they can build. It is certainly certainly not intended that teachers undertake all of the activities shown in the various devices – your hand would fall off! in the period usually available – but rather to offer options which could be based upon local circumstances. Timings intended for topics haven’t been given, while there is a great deal of variability with time available for the qualification via centre to centre. The Scheme generally follows the Syllabus, but the order by which topics are addressed has become adjusted to provide a coherent flow to the course. The specification have been sub-divided in to seven units, each covering up a theme. The progression through these topics has been built to build on students' own experiences, and to make sure that students possess sufficient basic knowledge and understanding to tackle the more challenging problems. The Models are: Unit 1 Organization Activity Device 2 Promoting Unit three or more Production Device 4 Persons & Function Unit five Business Organisations Unit 6th Business Financial & Accounting Unit several External Influences For more detail, see Program Detail. Within each product, references have already been made to the recommended study course textbook: IGCSE Business Research Second Release by Karen Borrington and Peter Stimpson (ISBN 0-7195-7223-1) and to the accompanying Educators Guide to always be published as a CD-ROM, please note that this information is usually relevant to the O Level (7115) syllabus. The study course is ideal to operate alongside a Enterprise style activity, and some references are made to this wherever appropriate. For further detail, observe,,

Study course Units

1 . Business Activity 1 . you 1 . a couple of 1 . several 1 . some 1 . your five 1 . 6 1 . several 1 . almost eight Introduction Organization Activity as a way of adding value and helping to meet customers requirements Classification of local and national firms into principal, secondary and tertiary industries Business progress and measurement of size Business goals and their importance Stakeholders and their differing objectives Aims of personal and open public sector organisations Revision

installment payments on your Marketing 2 . 1 installment payments on your 2 2 . 3 2 . 4 installment payments on your 5 2 . 6 installment payments on your 7 2 . 8 2 . 9 installment payments on your 10 installment payments on your 11 installment payments on your 12 2 . 13 The role of marketing Market research Business presentation and usage of results Industry segmentation Mass and internet marketing Marketing combine Product Cost Distribution Promotion Marketing strategy Promoting budget Modification

3. Creation 3. 1 3. two 3. a few 3. 4 3. a few 3. 6 3. 7 3. almost eight 3. being unfaithful Using resources to produce services and goods Methods of development Scale of production Top quality control Area decisions Performance Costs and the classification Break-even analysis Revising

4. Persons and Work 4. 1 4. 2 4. a few 4. some 4. 5 4. 6th 4. six Role of in rewarding human needs Methods of financial reward Non-financial rewards Administration styles and motivation methods Stages of recruitment and selection Training techniques Dismissal and redundancy

5. 8 some. 9

Staff and the working environment Revision

your five. Business Organisations 5. 1 5. 2 5. 3 5. some 5. your five 5. 6th 5. several 5. almost 8 5. on the lookout for Relationship among business goals, growth and organisation Types of business organisation Limited and unrestricted liability Growth of multinational organisations Control and responsibility Interior organisation Interaction Methods of communication Revision

6. Business Financial and Accounting 6. one particular 6. two 6. three or more 6. four 6. a few 6. 6 6. six 6. eight 6. on the lookout for 6. 10 6. eleven 6. doze 6. 13 Use of cash Short and long term economical needs Sources of internal and external cash Factors impacting the methods of finance selected Cash and cashflow predictions Profit Users...


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