Environmental Air pollution: Reasons and Consequences Essay

Environmental polution


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As you know, probably the most problems that the earth is facing today is that of environmental polluting of the environment, increasing with every passing 12 months and causing grave and irreparable injury to the earth….. The main purpose

The length of the presentation and the main parts ( Each of our presentation can last in regarding 20 mins. There are four parts and each people will show one portion ).. If you have any concerns, please please interrupt myself, but I will also state there'll always be an opportunity to talk about issues at greater span after my own talk. Now, let's start off the Part I.

2 . Body:

Part one particular: Real Situation:

There are 3 kinds of air pollution:

Water pollution:

In many places, the water top quality has been very degraded; parameters such as BOD5, COD and concentrations of NH4, And and P have been discovered to be by many times greater than the authorized levels. Surface area water pollution in rivers, ponds, canals and cities continues to increase.. Coastal water: Pollution from oil, heavy metals and revoked solids has been found to exceed the permitted level in many seaside areas. Property pollution: Land degradation definitely seems to be a applicable trend through the entire country because of erosion, leaching, loss of organic and natural material, droughts, floods, terrain slides and subsidence, sodium intrusion and alumination. Ground degradation offers exhausted a large number of areas and led to desertification in some places. The over- and misuse of chemicals and pesticides in agriculture pollute and weaken many areas nationwide. Pollution:

almostof cities happen to be poluted dirt, many places are...


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