Diabetes: Insulin and Exercise Essay



Overview of Diabetes Type I

What is diabetes type I

Health implications of diabetes type I


What is physical activity?

Why do we require physical activity within our lives?

Work out and Diabetes (Epidemiology)

Bottom line



For each of our seminar theme " work out and disease" we decided to go with diabetes as the focus of our research.

Since diabetes is such a complicated disease numerous different forms, we chosen to focus on diabetes type I. This is known as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). This type of diabetes includes those who are dependant on injections of insulin on a daily basis to be able to satisfy the bodies insulin requires, they cannot endure without these shots.


What is diabetes type I?

In order to be familiar with disease we firstly need to learn about insulin. Insulin can be described as hormone. The role of insulin is always to convert the meals we eat in to various beneficial substances, removing everything that is wasteful.

It is the work of insulin to see which the useful substances are offer best make use of for our well-being. The useful chemicals are used for building cells, are created ready for instant expenditure because energy and in addition stored at a later time energy expenses.

The cause of diabetes is a complete or lack of the hormone insulin. Due to this lack of insulin the processes that involve converting the foods we eat in various useful substances does not occur.

Insulin comes from the beta cells which are located in the pancreas. Regarding diabetes type I almost all of the beta cellular material have been demolished. Therefore daily injections of insulin turn into essential to existence.

Health ramifications of diabetes type We

One of the goods that is of vital importance in our bodies can be glucose, an easy carbohydrate sugars which is necessary by virtually every part of our body as gasoline to function.

Insulin controls the quantity of glucose sent out to essential organs and also the muscles. In diabetics because of the lack of insulin and therefore the control over glucose given to different areas of the body they face death if they no longer inject themselves with insulin daily.

Seeing that strict monitoring of diabetes is needed pertaining to the control over the disease, little room is left for carelessness. As a result diabetic patients are susceptible to various other diseases and serious conditions if a right course of treatment is not adopted.

Other conditions a diabetic is available to: Cardiovascular disease, heart stroke, Peripheral artery disease, gangrene, kidney disease, blindness, hypertonie, nerve harm, impotence and so forth Basically there may be an increased event of disease in diabetic sufferers. As a result special treatment needs to be taken to decrease the chances of getting these other serious disorders.


Precisely what is physical activity?

(Bouchard 1988) States that physical activity can be any physical movement made by skeletal muscle tissues resulting in strength expenditure. For that reason this includes sporting activities and amusement activities of all forms.

Why do we need exercise in our lives?

Physical activity and exercise will help tune the " human being machine", our bodies.

Imagine a vehicle constantly motivated only to stop for energy. It would be a customer for all sorts of damage, rusting, oil leaking, dehydration and the chances are more than likely it would pass away in the middle of the street not long after. This is what the body would be like if we did not exercise at all. We would become and as a result of todays way of living many of us are, the right target for all kinds of disorders and attacks.

For those of us who happen to be carrier of some disease or condition we are nonetheless encouraged to exercise simply by our doctors if we have the strength to. This is to make our internal organs, muscles,...

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