Course Records for Company Behavior Composition

Alternate approach to JOB DESIGN

1 ) SIP

installment payments on your Interdisciplinary approach

3. Goal setting tools theory

four. International perspectives

International perspectives

- western approach

-- german work design

-Anthropocentric approach ⇒ emphasizes human beings concern in the centre of job design

-- scandinanian procedure ⇒ stresses social matter rather than industrial efficiency simply by focusing on member of staff control and social support program

5. MBO = administration by goals

→ total annual goal-setting process that's cyclic in character in which managers and subordinates set goals

technocratic anthicopocentric

goal setting → most difficult and critical measures. The goals are jointly derived by simply managers and subordinates periodic reviews

appraise overall performance

develop action plans ← with each other derived by simply managers and subordinates, are definitely the specific activities that have got to occur

6. work design & wellness

→ organizations should consider the effect of task design in workers health and well-being by increasing employee control and reducing staff member uncertainty, controlling conflict and managing task demands

modern-day issues in job style (ie we are able to include the pursuing if they're rational of course, if company decides to) -telecommuting遠距離工作→ fulfill operate responsibilities via locations geographically separate through the company's major location …. E. g. we move and speak with them, bring them newsletter.. based on how far they will live -alternative work patterns…….

1 . Work sharing → 2 part-time workers execute a job commonly done by a full-time staff 2 . flextime → lets employees the alternative to choose daily starting and quitting period as long as that they work the certain no . of hours per day/ week ☺ but ☹ we are unable to have just about every employee accomplishing this

3. compressed job week → by extending the number of hours per day -technology

→virtual business office ---- mobile phone platform of information technology(IT) that permits business being conducted anywhere and whenever ☹difficult for workers having getaway as you are often connected to sort things out ⇒ TECHNOSTRESS

= due to advancing technology and its anxiousness of potential job reduction, replacement and distress regarding being electronically monitored -skill development

-- major reason behind stress

- it's the developing gap between skills necessary for new technology and employee's current skill level

Learning in corporation

⇒ learning = relatively permanent difference in knowledge and behavior which will result from practice and knowledge 2 major theories

1 ) Operant health and fitness (B. N. Skinner) → learning that takes place when the learner acknowledges the connection between behavior as well as consequences -consequences, antecedents


→ wanted consequences, at the. g. recommendation, promotion option → undesirable consequences, elizabeth. g. willpower

antecedents sama dengan rules, goals and guidance, etc that help employees realize what behavior they have to and should perform as well since the consequences of numerous behaviors

-reinforcement→ anything that causes specific behavior to become repeated/ inhibited

-3 stages in reinforcement

⇒ 1 . Recognize the desired habit

⇒ installment payments on your Decide how to reinforce the behavior ~~> positive reinforcement(application of a positive consequence using a desired habit e. g. paycheck) and negative encouragement (~ prevention learning) removal of an unpleasant outcome following a ideal behavior ⇒ 3. giving the positive/ negative encouragement

~~~ ongoing reinforcement, behavior is reinforced every time it happens ~~~ partially reinforcement

1) fixed period schedule (reinforcement is given by specific times e. g. paycheck) 2) variable interval schedule (administered at random instances and cant be forecasted by staff e. g. spot reward.. bonus immediately when they locate employees carrying out extremely well) 3. Set ratio schedule→ reinforcement takes place after a specific no . of desired answers e. g. piece price, commission 4) variable proportion schedule (camp time)...


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