City of Ember Comparitive Essay

Comparative Essay

Metropolis of Ember

The City of Ember movie heroes and publication characters had many distinctions and commonalities. This essay will speak about similarities and differences of Doon Harrow, Lina Mayfleet, Mayor Cole, Clary and Captain Fleery in the book and movie. Doon Harrow

In the book Doon has a mood issue and it is very serious, and in addition throws a shoe high heel at his dad. In the movie Doon doesn't apparently lose his temper once. He appears very much made up.

In the book Doon's specified era is 12 years old. Inside the movie Doon looks much older and taller compared to a typical 14 year old.

In the book Doon really loves bugs and insects

In the motion picture he just heals a great injured moth and looks in a insect publication, only for another.

Doon desires to be a great electrician's assistant or pipeworks labourer in both the movie and the book; he is also good at building things and mechanics (pg 12).

Available Doon is described with broad hairy eyebrows and always his darkish corduroy coat. In the video he noesn't need bushy eye brows and doesn't wear a corduroy clothing (pg6). In both the publication and the movie Doon provides black shaggy hair.

Lina Mayfleet

In both the book and the film Lina wants the occupation of messenger (pg 12)

In the book Lina is described of having lengthy dark frizzy hair. In the film Lina features standard brunette hair.

In both the book and movie Lina is definitely an orphan and lives with both granny and her beloved more youthful sister Poppy.

In the the two movie and book your woman receives her messenger clothing and stop, From Chief Fleery. In the book Lina will buy two girl pencils by Looper. Inside the movie she does not get any pencils and drew a picture with a crayon.

In both the publication and motion picture Lina keeps with Mrs. Murdo following granny's death.

In the book Lina dances on the top of the gathering hall (pg 38). In the movie your woman leaves right after delivering the message.

Creciente Cole

In both the book and video Mayor Cole is highly damaged and does not care for the...


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