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BIOLOGY PAPER one particular

8. 35 am – 10. 00 am (1½ hours) This kind of paper must be answered in English

1 . 2 . several. 4. your five.

Attempt 3 questions only. Each problem consists of three parts. All questions carry similar marks. In each issue, 2 added marks will probably be awarded for effective conversation. The layouts in this newspaper are NOT always drawn to level.

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2002-CE-BIO 1–1

1 ) (a)

A lot of plants can be propagated vegetatively using tissues culture. In this method, the culture channel is made sanitary before work with and it provides essential materials intended for plant growth. The plan below shows an outline of an investigation including tissue culture. The whole procedure is conducted in the occurrence of light.

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(i) (ii)

Sweets is one of the essential components of the culture medium. Explain for what reason sugar must be added. (3 marks) Compare the genetic makeup of the little girl plants with this of the father or mother plant. Give a reason for the answer. (2 marks)

(iii) After a few weeks, plant W showed indications of yellowing although plant A remained green. Based on the knowledge provided, recommend an explanation pertaining to the yellowing of flower B. (3 marks) (iv) Give two advantages of this technique of plant propagation over the propagation applying seeds. (2 marks)

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1 . (b)

The diagram below displays the human skeletal system and two muscles in the right provide, M and N:

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Deficiency of vitamin D in the child years will result in deformity of bones. (1) Using the albhabets in the plan, indicate which part of the skeletal system is most very easily deformed. Make clear your choice. (3 marks) Aside from diet, recommend another way in which the body gets vitamin D. (1 mark)

(2) (ii)

What makes muscles M and And described as an antagonistic (opposing) pair? (1 mark)

(iii) Draw a diagram to demonstrate the button system associated with lifting the best forearm. Reveal the positions of the load, the effort and the fulcrum in your diagram. In lifting the right forearm, what is going to form the weight, the effort as well as the fulcrum correspondingly? (5 marks)

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1 . (c)

In a study, a healthy person and a person with diabetes mellitus fasted for 12 hours. They then stayed at rest inside the same room and consumed equal volumes of prints of glucose solutions of the identical concentration. Their very own blood glucose levels were assessed immediately afterwards and at 30-minute intervals for three hours. The results are shown in the chart below:


What is the rise in the blood glucose level following 1 hour in (1) the healthy person, (2) the diabetic person? (2 marks)


Clarify why the healthy person had a smaller increase in blood glucose level inside the first hour when compared with the diabetic person. (4 marks)

(iii) Throughout the study, a bigger volume of urine was made by the diabetic person compared to the healthy person. Suggest evidence for this. (4 marks) 2002-CE-BIO 1–6 −5− 保留版權 All Rights Reserved 2002

2 . (a)

The next photograph displays a female condom while the plan on the right shows your female reproductive : system:

(i) (ii)

The feminine condom is placed in A during sexual intercourse. How exactly does the female condom contribute to contraception? (2 marks) Give one of an contagious disease that may be prevented by wearing the condom. (1 mark)

(iii) Another contraceptive method is to link and minimize both the oviducts. State if menstruation will still take place in a young girl who has received this operation. Explain your answer with regards to the physiological processes involved. (4 marks) (iv) The following is a made easier...


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