Biodiversity and Endangered Varieties from Este Salvador Dissertation

Biodiversity and Endangered types

Science Software conducts research on the biodiversity of Este Salvador and the region, with the aim of creating a medical basis to compliment future operations of normal resource conservation.

Biodiversity is definitely the variety of living creatures upon planet Earth. This kind of term contains diversity of species, innate diversity and ecosystem variety.

Conserving biodiversity is important since:

1 . It is the basis of our ecosystem, since trees are a source of energy (in the form of firewood or food), save water and soil, develop oxygen (to breathe), decrease temperatures and global warming.

2 . Native creatures pest control, enriches soils, scattered woods seeds, and pollinating vegetation, increasing gardening production. Also, it is attractive for ecotourism and recreation.

several. Is the first source of all crops which can be the basis with the economy of El Salvador (coffee, sugar, corn, coffee beans, etc . ), as well as drugs we use to cure diseases (penicillin, to get example), as well as the use of herbal products in classic medicine.

Conservation of sea turtles

Globally there are 8-10 species of marine turtles, six nests for the coast of Central America and four inside the Salvadoran shoreline: the leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata), green ocean turtle (Chelonia agasizzii) as well as the olive ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea).

Of these four definitely the most common is the olive ridley, not closely implemented the dark brown (black). The other two species are more difficult to find as they are critically endangered (hawksbill and leatherback), while the olive ridley and brown (black), are at risk to extinction.


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Regarding salvaNATURA

SalvaNATURA is a non-public, nonprofit and recognized country wide and internationally for its effective work in the field of environmental preservation in Un Salvador


Contribute to environmental conservation and adaptation to climate modify, sustainable advancement and increase quality of life intended for the people of El Salvador and Mesoamerica


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