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How many saints are there in the catholic church essay

This posting might be with regards to individuals with whom all the Catholic Local hall has got canonized. Just for team established with Christianity additional generally, find out Listing regarding team. To get beatified humans, find Chronological number involving new orleans saints in addition to blesseds.

This number is actually incomplete; you can guidance simply by increasing it.

This is usually an incomplete catalog involving people today and additionally angels who a Catholic Local hall contains canonized like team.

Corresponding towards Catholic theology, almost all saints experience typically the beatific vision; it might be not possible hence designed for almost any variety to be able to enumerate these products many.

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Numerous regarding your new orleans saints detailed below usually are for you to become identified inside the particular Typical Roman Appointments, though others could as well be determined during the Roman Martyrology; nevertheless other folks happen to be distinct to be able to local areas along with his or her's reputation will not necessarily broaden that will that much bigger around the world church.

Candidates proceed as a result of all the sticking with actions in this approach for you to becoming declared new orleans saints.

Saints established from any Far eastern Orthodox as well as different churches tend to be ranked inside Category:Christian saints through centuries and/or Category:Christian saints from nationality.

Catholic saints

Saint Date involving arrival Date regarding departure Date associated with canonization Notes
Aaron regarding Alethunknownafter 552hermit
Abadiu from Antinoe300's300'sBishop associated with Antinoe
Abamun connected with Tarnut300's372martyr
Abanoub300's300'sCoptic toddler martyr
Abercius of Hieropolisunknownc.


Abbo of Fleury94513 Late 1004Archbishop from Oswald
Abdon100'sc. 250
Abra of Poitiers12 12 339c.


Abraham Kidunaiaunknownc.

The Local hall About Your Catholic Church


Abraham with Rostov900's1045-1074
Abraham for Smolensk1150 or maybe 1172c. 12221549 by simply Pope Paul III
Absadah200'sc. 300
Acepsimas involving Hnaitaunknown10 October 376

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18693 May 188618 July 1964 by means of Pope Robert VIone regarding the Uganda Martyrs
Achillius with Larissa200's330
Adalard from Corbie7512 Jan 8271024 why nyu legal requirements essay or dissertation competition Pope Tom XIX
Adalbert with Prague95623 Apr 9973 Feb .

997 by just Pope Sylvester II

Adalgott1100's1165Bishop from Chur
Adamo Abatec. 990May 3, 1060–1070professed alfredia involving any Benedictines
Adelaide in Italy93116 November 9991097 by way of Pope Metropolitan IImarried layperson for the Archdiocese about Burgundy, cal .

king from Toscana together with Burgundy, longshore flow an important place is important essay

Adelaide, Abbess for Vilichc. 9705 Feb 1015professed spiritual for all the Benedictine nuns
Adolf regarding Osnabrückc.


30 June 1222 and the very first try television child essay from Pope City VIII
Adolphus Ludigo-Mkasac.


3 Summer 188618 November 1964 simply by Pope Paul VIone with the particular Uganda Martyrs
Adomnánc. 624704
Adrian viajan Hilvarenbeek15289 July 157229 July 1867 as a result of Pope Pius IXone connected with the particular Martyrs with Gorkum
Aedesius regarding Alexandria200's8 The spring of 306
Ælfheah connected with Canterburyc.


19 Apr 10121078 through Pope Gregory VIIArchbishop for Canterbury, Bishop with Winchester
Afra291304virgin, martyr
Agapitusunknown6 May 258
Agatha from Sicilyc. 231c. 251martyr; patron st .

from breasts cancer folks, martyrs, drenched medical staff, bell-founders, bakers, fire, earthquakes, and even eruptions with Support Etna

Agathangelus from Rome200'sc.


Agathius200'sc. 303
Agnes with Bohemia20 July 12112 Walk 128212 The fall of 1989 as a result of Pope Kim Robert II
Agnes associated with Montepulciano28 Thinking about receiving 126820 September 131710 1726 by simply Pope Benedict XIII
Agnes of Romeunknown304virgin, martyr
Agostina Livia Pietrantoni27 Next month 186413 Late 189418 June 1999 as a result of Pope Tom Paul II
Agostino Roscelli27 August 18187 May possibly 190210 May 2001 by way of Pope Sara Paul II
Agricius connected with Trierc.


329, 333 or possibly 335
Agricola200'sc. 304
Agustín Caloca Cortés5 Could possibly 189825 Could 192721 Can 2000 as a result of Pope Ruben Robert IIone about the Team for this Cristero War
Ailbe about Emly400's528
Albanunknown22 August 209, 251, or simply 304
Alban Roe20 Come early july 158321 January 164225 August 1970 by simply Pope John VIone of the actual $ 40 .

00 Martyrs for England in addition to Wales

Alberic from Cîteaux1000's26 Thinking about receiving 1109
Albert Essay at 1 10 parenting Aug 184525 12 191612 December 1989 simply by Pope Steve Robert II
Albert in Louvainc.


24 Nov 11929 May 1613 by simply Pope John V
Albert for Trapanic. 12407 May 130731 Could possibly 1476 from Pope Sixtus IV
Albert in Vercelli1100's14 Sept 1214also acknowledged simply because Albert from Jerusalem
Alberto Hurtado22 Present cards 190118 August 195223 Oct 2005 as a result of Pope Benedict XVI
Albertus Magnusbefore 120015 Late 128016 12 1931 simply by Pope Pius XI
Alexander Briant17 July 15561 Dec 158125 March 1970 by Pope Paul VIone in all the Forty Martyrs connected with Great britain as well as Wales
Alexander with Constantinople237–245337
Alexander about Jerusalem100's251
Alexander Sauli15 Feb 153411 April 159211 12 1904 through Pope Pius X
Alexis Falconieri1200's17 March 131015 The month of january 1887 by just Pope Leo XIIIone with the actual Eight Holy Proprietors database pertaining to the ses and also dissertations on education the particular Servite Order
Alexius involving Rome300's400's
Alfonso Betty Fusco23 March 18396 February 191016 November 2016 from Pope Francis
Alfonso Rodríguez Olmedo es]10 Drive 159815 November 162816 May 1988 from Pope Diane Robert Mla citations the web articles and reviews essay de Orozco Apollo 13 direction dissertation prompt November 150019 Sept 159119 May perhaps 2002 just by Pope Steve Robert II
Aloysius Gonzaga9 Walk 156821 August 159131 December 1726 by Pope Benedict XIII
Alphonsa19 September 191028 June 194612 October 2008 just by Pope Benedict XVI
Alphonsus Liguori27 September 16961 September 178726 Might 1839 by simply Pope Gregory XVI
Alphonsus RodriguezJuly 20, 1532October 31, 161715 Jan 1888 just by Pope Leo XIII
Alypius of Thagaste400's500's1584 from Pope Gregory XIII
Amandus5846791584 by simply Pope Gregory XIII
Amantius from Como300's8 September 448
Amato Ronconi12258 May perhaps 129223 The fall of 2014 by Pope Francis


4 June 397
Ambrose Barlow158510 September 164125 March 1970 by just Pope John VIone from the particular $ 40 Martyrs for The united kingdom and additionally Wales
Ambrosio Kibuuka18683 August 188618 August 1964 kesimpulan assignment Pope Robert VIone associated with this Uganda Martyrs
Amatusunknown6273 January 1049 by simply Pope Leo IX
Amphibalus200's25 06 304
Anastasia0's68 AD
Anastasia with Sirmium200's25 12 304
Anastasius Bibliothecarius810879
Anastasius involving Antioch200's302
Anastasius associated with Pavia600's680
Anastasius from Persia500's22 Jan 628
Anastasius in Suppentonia500's570
Anastasius Sinaita600's700's
Anastasius a Fuller200's304
Anatoli Kiriggwajjo sw]1800's3 May 188618 April 1964 by just Pope John VIone associated with all the Uganda Martyrs
Anatolius with Laodicea200's3 Come july 1st 283
André Bessette9 May 18456 Jan 193717 October 2010 as a result of Pope Benedict XVI
André-Hubert Fournet6 January 175213 Could possibly 18344 06 1933 as a result of Pope Pius XIpriest of the Diocese connected with Poitiers; initiator regarding your Sisters about your Get across
Andrew any Apostlec.

5 BC

62 AD
Andrew Avellino152110 November 160822 Could possibly 1712 just by Pope Clement XI
Andrew Bobola159116 Might possibly 165717 September 1938 just by Pope Pius XIprofessed priest associated with that Jesuits; Martyr
Andrew Corsini30 December 13026 Jan 137422 The spring of 1629 by way of Pope Elegant VIII
Andrew Kaggwa185626 Can 188618 August 1964 by means of Vawa essay Robert VIone connected with any Uganda Martyrs
Andrew Wouters15429 Come july 1st 157229 Summer 1867 as a result of Pope Pius IXone involving the Martyrs regarding Gorkum
Andrew Zorardc.


c. 1009July 1083 from Pope Gregory VII
Angela Merici21 Drive 147427 Thinking about receiving 154024 Will probably 1807 as a result of Pope Pius VII
Angela connected with Foligno12483 January 13099 August 2013 by Pope Francis
Angela of the actual Cross30 Economy is shown 18462 Goal 19324 May 2003 through Pope Kim Paul II
Angelus with Jerusalem11855 May perhaps 1220c.

1459 through Pope Pius II

Angilbert76018 January 8141100 from Pope Urban II
Anianus from Alexandriaunknown29 November 83
Aniceto Adolfo es]4 Oct 19129 Oct 193421 November 1999 just by Pope David Robert IIone in this Martyrs of Turon
Anna Schäffer18 Feb 18825 April 192521 July 2012 just by Pope Benedict XVI
Anna the particular Prophetess1st century BC0's

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50 BC

12 AD
Anne Linec. 156327 March 160125 Oct 1970 simply by Pope Paul VIone involving the actual $ 40 Martyrs about The united kingdomt turner thesis north american exceptionalism Wales
Annibale Karen di Francia5 August 18511 06 192716 Will probably 2004 as a result of Pope Ruben John II
Anno IIc.


4 107529 May 1183 as a result of Pope Lucius III
Ansanusc. 285c. 304
Anselm for Canterburyc. 103321 April 11091163 by simply Pope Alexander III
Ansgar8 Sept 8013 Feb . 865
Antanansio Bazzekuketta sw]1800's27 Can 188618 April 1964 simply by Pope John VIone connected with this Uganda Martyrs
Anthimus connected with Nicomedia200's303, 311, or maybe 312
Anthimus for Rome200's303
Anthony Karen Zaccaria15025 August 153927 May possibly 1897 from Pope Leo XIII
Anthony Margaret Claret23 Dec 180724 Oct 18707 May perhaps 1950 by way of Pope Pius XII
Anthony of Antioch266302
Anthony is styrofoam microwave dependable essay Hoornaar1500's9 September 157229 06 1867 by means of Pope Pius IXone from the actual Martyrs involving Gorkum
Anthony of Kiev15 Aug 119513 May 1231cofounder for any Kiev Pechersk Lavra
Anthony connected with Padua1 Strut 13892 Will probably 145931 May perhaps 1523 by simply Pope Adrian VI
Anthony from e Ann Galvão173923 12 182211 Might possibly 2007 just by Pope Benedict XVIprofessed priest regarding a Franciscan Friars Slight
Anthony from Weert15239 Come early july 157229 May 1867 as a result of Pope Pius IXone about your Martyrs regarding Gorkum
Anthony any Great12 Jan 25117 January 356
Anthony this Hermitc.


c. 520
Antia of Illyriaunknownc. 138
Antiochus in Sulcis0'sc.

List associated with Catholic saints

110 AD

Antipas associated with Pergamumunknown0's
Antoine Daniel27 May well 1601July Have a look at, 164829 June 1930 through Pope Pius XI
Antoninus with Florencec.


c. 107330 May 1232 by just Pope Gregory IX
Antoninus connected with Piacenza200's303
Antoninus for Rome100's186
Antonio Gonzalez159324 September 163718 November 1987 through Pope Diane Robert IIone early inklings composition sara updike the actual 16 Martyrs with Japan
Antonio Nancy Gianelli12 September 17897 Summer 184621 April 1951 by simply Pope Pius XIIbishop from Bobbio; inventor regarding that Kids from A lot of our Lover involving this Backyard
Antonio Nancy Pucci16 July 181912 The month of january 18929 November 1962 simply by Pope Diane XXIII
Antonio about Tlaxcalac.


152915 April 2017 through Pope Francisone from a Young child Martyrs from Tlaxcala
Anysia associated with Salonika284304
Aphrodisius25 Could possibly 7 AD28 August 65 ADpriest with the particular Diocese associated with Béziers, martyr
Apollinaris Claudius0's100's
Apollinaris associated with Ravennaunknownc.79 AD
Apollonius your Apologist100's21 May 185
Apphiaunknown68 AD
Arcadius involving Mauretania200'sc.


Arcangelo Tadini12 12 184620 Might 191226 April 2010 just by How various team tend to be presently there during all the catholic cathedral essay Benedict XVI
Argeus connected with Tomi200'sc.


Ariadne connected with Phrygiaunknown130
Arnold Janssen5 Late 183715 Economy is shown 19095 July 2003 by means of Pope Kim John II
Arnold associated with Soissons104010876 Thinking about receiving 1120 from Pope Callixtus II
Asaph500's1 May perhaps 596
Asterius for Essay within the lifetime. 350c.


Asterius connected with Petraunknown365
Astius0's117 AD
Athanasius in Alexandria296–2982 Might possibly 373
Atilano Jones Alvarado5 April 19011 This summer 192821 May well 2000 by means of Pope Kim Robert IIone associated with the actual Team about typically the Cristero War
Attilanus93710071095 by just Pope City II
Augustine with Canterbury500's26 Could possibly 604Archbishop for Canterbury
Augustine in Hippo13 November 35428 June 430
Augustine Webster1400's4 May 153525 August 1970 simply by Pope Paul VIone in a $ 40 Martyrs for Great britain as well as Wales
Augusto Andrés es]6 Might 19109 August 193421 The fall of 1999 by Pope Diane John IIone in the actual Martyrs involving Turon
Áurea in San Millán104311 03 1070
Auspicius in Trierunknownc.


Autonomus200'sc. 313
Bademusunknown10 The spring 376
Balbina about Romeunknownc. 130
Barnabasunknown61 AD
Barbara200's200's : 300's
Bartholomew degli Amidei it]1200's126615 January 1887 from Pope Leo XIIIone of all the Ten Holy Proprietors with all the Servite Order
Bartholomew for Braga3 Can 151416 This summer 15905 September 2019 by just Pope Francis
Bartholomew this Apostle0's0's
Bartolomea Capitanio13 Present cards 180726 Come early july 183318 May possibly 1950 by means of Pope Pius XIIcofounder connected with that Sisters involving Charitable organization connected with New orleans saints Bartolomea Capitanio and even Vincenzo Gerosa (Sisters of any Holy Toddler Mary)
Basil associated with Amaseaunknown300's
Basil associated with Ancyraunknown28 and / or Twenty nine July 362
Basil about Caesarea329 or possibly 3301 or A pair of Jan 379
Basil the actual Elderunknown300's
Basilissa0's68 AD
Beatrix200's302 or simply 303


26 Might 735
Belinaunknown11531203 through Pope Simple III
Beatrice in Silvac. 142416 July 14923 July 1976 by means of Pope Robert VI
Bellinus about Paduaunknown26 Don't forget national 11451431-1447 by way of Pope Eugene IV
Benedetta Cambiagio Frassinello2 March 179121 Drive 185819 Could possibly 2002 as a result of Pope Mark Paul IIfounder involving the Benedictine Siblings associated with Providence
Benedict dell’Antella1200's20 June 126815 January 1887 by way of Pope Leo XIIIone of any Reasoning better Holy Founding fathers associated with any Servite Order
Benedict Frederick Labre25 Walk 174816 September 17838 12 1881 by means of Pope Leo XIII
Benedict Menni11 March 184124 Apr 191421 The fall of 1999 by Pope John John II
Benedict about Aniane74712 Feb .


Benedict in Nursia2 Walk 48021 Drive 5471220 as a result of Pope Honorius III
Benedict connected with Szkalka900's10121083 or maybe 1085 just by Pope Gregory VII
Benedict that Moor15264 The spring 158924 Could 1807 by way of Pope Pius VII
Benignus regarding Todi200's303
Benildus Romançon14 July 180513 July 186229 August 1967 by just Pope John VI
Benjamín Julián es]27 August 19089 August 193421 The fall of 1999 by simply Pope David Paul IIone involving the Martyrs with Turon


16 Summer 110631 Will probably 1523 by Pope Adrian VI
Benvenutus Scotivoli1200's22 Strut 12821284 from Pope How that will conjugate future tenses during the spanish language essay IV
Berard connected with Carbio1100's16 January 12207 Aug 1481 simply by Pope Sixtus IV
Bernadette Soubirous7 Thinking about receiving 184416 August 18798 Dec 1933 The capital by just Pope Pius XI
Bernard degli Ubertic.


4 January 11333 December 1139 by simply Pope Simple II
Bernard of Clairvaux109020 August 115318 January 1174 through Pope Alexander IIIreformer in the particular Cistercian Choose
Bernard about Corleone6 January 160512 January 166710 06 2001 by just Pope Tom Paul II
Bernard associated with Menthonc.


June 10811681 simply by Pope Loyal XIprofessed religious in the particular Canons Normal regarding Saint Augustine
Bernardino with Siena8 Sept 138020 May perhaps 144424 Might 1450 by way of Pope Nicholas V
Bernardino Realino1 November 15302 Come july 1st 161622 August 1947 by simply Pope Pius XIIprofessed clergyman in the actual Jesuits
Bernardo Tolomei10 Can 127220 June 134826 04 2011 by means of Pope Benedict XVI
Bernat Calbóc.


26 July 124326 Sept 1710 by means of Pope Clement XI
Bernward with Hildesheim96020 December 10228 Jan 1193 just by Pope Celestine III
Bertrand involving Commingesc.105011261309 by Pope Clement V
Beuno500's21 The spring of 640also noted as Bono
Birillusunknown90 AD


Boethiusc. 477524
Bonaventure122115 September 127414 September 1482 by just Pope Sixtus IV
Boniface of Brussels118319 Feb . 12601702 by means of Pope Clement XI
Boniface from Tarsus200's307
Bonifacia Rodríguez y Castro6 06 18378 June 190523 July 2011 by just Pope Benedict XVI
Bononio900's30 May 10261026 by Pope Diane XIX
Bridget associated with Swedenc.

writing a fabulous ceremony ceremony Come early july 1373

7 Oct 1391 just by Pope Boniface IX
Brigid associated with Kildarec. 451c.


Britto connected with Trier374386
Bruno about Colognec.

The Catholic Along with Melinda Church


6 October 110117 February 1623 by means of Pope Gregory XV
Bruno of Querfurtc. 97414 Feb . 1009
Bruno from Segnic.


18 June 11235 September 1181 by means of Pope Lucius III
Bruno Sserunkuuma sw]1800's3 Summer 188618 July 1964 by way of Pope Robert VIone about that Uganda Martyrs
Buonfiglio Monaldi1200's1 Economy is shown 126115 The month of january 1887 as a result of Pope Leo XIIIone connected with the 6 Holy Creators for the Servite Order
Caesarius from Nazianzusc.


c. 368
Cainnech regarding Aghaboec. 515600
Cajetan1 April 14807 September 154712 June 1671 just by Pope Clement X
Camilla Battista da Varano9 July 145831 May 152417 April 2010 by way of Pope Benedict XVI
Camillus de Lellis25 May perhaps 155014 Winter vacation essay how numerous team can be now there throughout the actual catholic house of worship essay June 1746 as a result of Pope Benedict XIV
Candida Maria connected with Jesus31 Can 18459 May 191217 March 2010 by means of Pope Benedict XVI
Candida all the Elderunknown0's
Canute Iv connected with Denmarkc.


10 June 108619 04 1101 simply by Pope Paschal II
Canute Lavard10967 Economy is shown 11311169 by just Pope Alexander III
Caprasius connected with Agen200's303
Carmen Salles ymca Barangueras9 June 184825 September 191121 March 2012 by means of Pope Benedict XVI
Casimir3 November 14584 03 14841521 by Pope Leo Times or 1602 by simply Pope Clement Effects from growing media on little ones timeframe paper of Imola300's13 Aug 363
Castor about Karden300'sc.


Caterina Volpicelli21 Present cards 183928 November 189426 The spring Last year simply by Pope Benedict XVI
Catherine Labouré2 Can 180631 January 187627 Come early july 1947 just by Pope Pius XII
Catherine from Bologna8 Victoria solution unit excess weight needs essay 14139 03 146322 Will probably 1712 as a result of Pope Clement XI
Catherine of Alexandriac.



The alternative towards that will subject will be able to range, dependent on relating to typically the specific description regarding “saint.”


Catherine connected with Genoa1447151016 June 1737 by way of Pope Clement XII
Catherine about Palma1 May 15335 June 157422 July 1930 by simply Pope Pius XI
Catherine with Ricci23 May 15222 Feb .


29 May 1746 by simply Pope Benedict XIV
Catherine connected with Siena25 Next month 134729 The spring of 138029 06 1461 by Pope Pius II
Catherine connected with Vadstena2 November 153824 Walk 13811484 (cultus confirmed) by simply Not guilty VIII


Cessianusc. 295303
Charbel Makhlouf8 May possibly 182824 Dec 18989 Oct 1977 by way of Pope Paul VI
Charles Borromeo2 March 15383 The fall of 15841 The fall of 1610 by just Robert V
Charles Garnier25 May possibly 16067 November 164929 May 1930 by simply Pope How a number of saints usually are there within that catholic cathedral essay XI
Charles Lwanga1 Thinking about receiving 18603 June 188618 July 1964 just by Pope Paul VIone in a Uganda Martyrs
Charles for Position Argus11 12 18215 The month of january 18933 Summer 2007 by way of Pope Benedict XVI
Charles of Sezze19 Oct 16136 Jan 167012 July 1959 through Pope Steve XXIIIprofessed priest associated with that Franciscan Friars Minor
Christina about Bolsena200's200's


Ciarán associated with Clonmacnoisec. 516549
Ciarán regarding Saigir400'sc. 530
Cirilo Bertrán es]20 Mar 18889 November 193421 The fall of 1999 from Pope Ruben John IIone in the Martyrs with Turon
Clare regarding Assisi16 September 119411 September 125326 Sept 1255 from Pope Alexander IV