Author’s Purpose Lesson Plan Essay


Student Name: Denise DeGaramoDate: February 16th, 2011 Lesson Grade Level: 3Allocated Period: 1-2 days and nights (30-45 min) Content Location: Literacy Setting: Whole Class/Small Groups Theme: Author's Goal Lesson Specifications: 0-Not Observed 1-Beginning 2-Developing 3-Accomplished Lastest Sunshine State Standards

LA. A. 2 . 2 . 2: The student identifies the author's purpose in basic text. LA. 3. 1 ) 7. 2: The student is going to identify the author's purpose (e. g., to inform, captivate, or describe) in textual content and how an author's point of view influences text. LA. several. 1 . six. 1: Recognize a text's features to establish a purpose to get reading. LA. A. 2 . 2 . several: The student acknowledges when a text is mostly intended to convince. Instructional Objectives: 0-Not Noticed 1-Beginning 2-Developing 3-Accomplished * TSW manage to tell the particular author's goal is in their writing passage in a publication, magazine, or perhaps letter. 5. TSW have the ability to give examples of persuasive, entertain or informational writing. 5. TSW manage to know the reason why the author is writing the passage.

Analysis: 0-Not Noticed 1-Beginning 2-Developing 3-Accomplished 5. Informal declaration through talks and retelling of the cases by the students. * Student's knowledge of the examples introduced.

* Answers to the Pick up Bag activity.

Materials and Equipment: 0-Not Observed 1-Beginning 2-Developing 3-Accomplished * Three types of Literacy (Informational, Entertainment, and Persuasive) 5. Newspapers (for Group Activity)

* Scissors (for Group Activity)

5. Activity function sheets (Homework to do with parent(s)

* Grab bag with different writing samples (do being a class) 5. Passage coming from Anne Frank's Diary

2. Prior expertise work bed sheet.


* Inform, powerful, entertain, and author's goal (work sheet)


* The scholars will be divided into small organizations. Together they may cut out among each of the Author's Purposed through the Newspaper. They are going to decide amongst themselves which usually person will present which goal to the class.

Literacy Connection:

2. Passage from Anne Frank's Diary

Educational Procedures:

Introduction: 0-Not Observed 1-Beginning 2-Developing 3-Accomplished Expose the Strategy ~ Notify students that today they will learn how to discover an author's purpose when they read. Good readers determine an author's purpose simply by asking themselves whether an author composed a passageway to amuse, to explain, or to persuade.

Step-by-Step Approaches: 0-Not Observed 1-Beginning 2-Developing 3-Accomplished 1 ) Activate before knowledge

a. Hand out 1st work sheet ~ do collectively on Light Board (bring in from Lesson 10) pg 106 in scholar's text book. b. Demonstrate student many different books, publications, textbooks, and flyers. Consult with the students for what reason the author published them. Following discussing: c. List around the board three categories ~ Inform, Persuade, Entertain ~ ask the students for some types of their own ~ there are simply no right or wrong answers at this point. ~ revisit record as the conclusion of the lessons 2 . Look at the three main reason for publishing and give good examples: a. Inform/Explain - Directions to a fresh game, a summary of classroom rules, a biography of George Washington. m. Entertainment – Mostly hype - Funny rhymes or perhaps poems, illusion or tricks or something that makes them laugh. c. Persuade – A magazine to purchase something, a flyer obtaining you to consider something or go with the author's standpoint or opinion. 3. Go through passage coming from Anne Frank's Diary ~ Ask scholar what the Author's purpose can be? 4. Organize students to work in tiny groups to complete the Work with the group activity. five. Hand out the newspapers to each...


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