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Fukunishi ed., Aspect of the Garment Industry in Low-Income Countries: Experience of Asia and Africa (Interim Report). Chousakenkyu Houkokusho, IDE-JETRO, 2012.

Chapter 6th

The Outfit Industry in Bangladesh

Mohammad Yunus and Tatsufumi Yamagata


The garment market in Bangladesh has been expanded almost uninterruptedly since the later 1970s. It survived Multi-Fiber Arrangement (MFA) phase out at the end of 2004, and remains internationally competitive currently. In this section, sources of competition of the sector were reviewed. There are 3 potential talents, i. electronic. market power, government insurance plan and dynamism inside the industry. Market push, which is symbolized by low wage of labor, is definitely fundamental to the competitiveness. The roles from the government, commercial associations and technology copy are still contentious issues to be discussed in the final report. Keywords: Clothing industry, Bangladesh

1 Introduction

Everywhere, the commercial sector is the driver of growth since countries have got moved from low- to middle-income position. Bangladesh being a country having a poor land-person ratio can be unlikely to prosper through agricultural development alone. The regular productivity of industry can be higher than in agriculture. As people transfer of farming into industry, the sector can provide high-wage employment intended for large numbers of personnel and can raise social production by generating high-value goods on a mass scale. Besides, poor countries can also gain valuable forex by exporting manufactured companies the ensuing forex trading can be used to invest in new antique of machines and technology so that a rapid move up the technology ladder becomes conceivable. The one particular

importance of professional development while an engine of Bangladesh's monetary growth is additionally reinforced with a growing conclusion that the advancement agriculture sector, one of the mainstays of the country's economy, vitally hinges on its backward and forward linkage with the commercial sector.

Throughout the post-independence period, Industrial advancement Bangladesh have been directed by simply several Commercial policies: Professional Policy of 1973, the brand new Industrial Policy of 1982, the Revised Industrial Policy of 1986, Industrial Policy of 99 followed by numerous policies, together with the latest becoming the Industrial Coverage of 2010. All these plans have attemptedto revamp the sector with a view to creating a powerful manufacturing base in the economy. 1 As a result, based on the latest BBS data (FY09-10), the contribution of the manufacturing sector to GDP is usually 17. eighty six percent, which has been recorded seventeen. 9 percent in FY08-09. The BBS recorded the expansion rate from the manufacturing sector at 5. 73 percent in FY 09-10. The commercial Policy, 2010, announced lately, proposes a built-in strategy of economic expansion through fast industrialization. This envisages an increase in the industry sector's share in GDP to forty percent by simply 2021, with the proportion from the workforce utilized in the sector concurrently rising to 25 percent of the country's total labor force. Data available from Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) show the fact that quantum of business production, which represents medium to large-scale industrial sectors, rose to 413. 45 in FY08-09 from 254. 45 in FY02-03. In FY 2009-10 averages QIP stood for 431. fifty-one. This implies which the large market has come to play an increasingly natural part within the industrial sector in recent years. The rise in the share of large market in the industrial GDP, however , conceals the very fact that the industrial base provides continued to stay rather filter. Accordingly, the top five companies contributed to sectoral growth excepting ready-made dress (RMG), the other four such industrial sectors belong to importsubstituting category: pharmaceutical drugs, bidi (a sort of tobacco), publication and printing and re-rolling generators. However , bar cement industry, which was supported by large FDI...

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