ABO Blood Test to Determine Paternity Composition

ABO Blood Evaluation to Determine Parentage; consanguinity

Joshua Lee

Paige McNeal

Hazel Conway

February doze, 2013

Doctor Bose

Biology 240-33 Lab


The ABO bloodstream test utilized in this lab to test which of the 3 fathers is a blood daddy of Donna. The blood test that is tightly related to the blood type of Donna is the individual blood daddy. Each blood sample was mixed with synthetic anti-A, anti-B, and anti-Rh to evaluate for clotting or not. Father #3 and Donna were the sole subjects tested with Rh positive using other subjects Rh adverse, resulting in Daddy #3 as the blood father.


Table 1: Possible Child Blood vessels Types

Stand 1: Possible Child Blood vessels Types

The purpose of this research laboratory is to determine which dad is the blood father from the child. The mother, Hazel, and three other fathers were examined by their blood vessels type and Rh component to determine the bloodstream father. The ABO blood test establishes the blood form of subjects by the alleles IA, IB, and i. The blood alleles IA and IB are codominant above i, meaning both of the alleles will be dominant above the recessive i. The antigen with the Rh factor is dependent upon D since dominant or d as recessive, with the Rh positive factor as dominant plus the Rh adverse factor as recessive. Inside the ABO blood test, artificial blood samples and synthetic serum of Anti-A, Anti-B, and Anti-Rh happen to be mixed respectively into a blood vessels typing glide. If annexation occurs while the examples are merged, then the subject's blood type is the respective A, M, or Rh factor. The daddy with the most closely related alleles with Andrea may be the blood father by tests June, the mother, Donna, and all the fathers.


The container vials with synthetic blood samples each happen to be respectively the mother, the kid, Father #1, Father #2, and Dad #3. Each one of the respective blood samples are used when ever circular in the experiment. One of the liquid blood samples is fallen into the bloodstream typing glide under three labels; A, B, and Rh....

Recommendations: Q, R. (2010, January 5). Parentage; consanguinity testing employing ABO blood types is usually impossible. Retrieved 2010, via Boston Paternity; The GENETICS Solution Weblog: http://www.bostonpaternity.com/blog/paternity-testing-using-abo-blood-types-is-impossible/

Biology 240 Research laboratory Handout, Research laboratory 4: Multiple alleles plus the ABO blood type


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